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DIMINUITA made their first appearance under this name in November 2007, in Athens, Greece.

They have performed in many venues in Greece, and from 2010 they started their career abroad.

Past events

DIMINUITA are a part of the orchestral gypsy jazz scene, alluding to the pioneers of the Hot Club, playing their own versions of Reinhardt’s and Grappelli’s tunes, as well as of other composers’ of that era. They also experiment creating new original compositions.

The emphasis is given in the natural, acoustic sound of the instruments without additional audio effects or interventions. However, the musicians’ freedom to improvise – a typical quality distinct and yet so absolute in all jazz forms – is of primary importance.

DIMINUITA aim to a creative communication in which clear musical expression will be the sole mediator, without the interference of speech or other artificial sound media.

Clear, natural sound from acoustic instruments and freedom of musical expression in a swing atmosphere, with  references to bebop style, through imaginative melodies and rhythmic maneuvers.