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Gypsy Jazz guitar seminar at Alagonia Village, Lakonia 21-23/7/2014

Three-day seminar for gypsy jazz at “Mousiki  Synaxi” ,

Alagonia Taygetos, Laconia

on 21, 22 and 23 July, 2014

Speakers of the seminar

George Papadogiannis gypsy jazz guitar (

Costas Patsiotis bass (Ionian University graduate towards jazz contrabass)

The seminar will include a group of jazz harmony parts, gypsy jazz guitar and double bass, individual courses (if required) and ensembles from all participants.

Teaching hours per day (at least) 6.

Free printed material  will be given to all participants.

On the last day of seminars Wednesday, the 23rd / 7 at 21:00 a concert with DIMINUITA

The financial contribution for the workshop is 120 euros.

Staying on a  tent (camping) is free of charge.

Alternatively there is the possibility of staying in the nearby villages,  with accommodation prices about 10 euros per person per night.

Applications are accepted by email at, but also at the official page of Mousiki Synaxi


The Mousiki Synaxis will be held this summer for the fourth consecutive year, from 20 to 27 July in Alagonia Taygetos and the surrounding area.

We seek to concerts, performances and actions, creating an atmosphere that can become a magnet for people of arts, culture and alternative tourism, whether they have the capacity as rapporteur or the student’s property or the property of the listener – the viewer .

The duration, the time and the cost of the course set by the rapporteurs.

For details please contact us:

Takis Nikolopoulos: 694.454.43.99.

Effie Politi: 693.667.59.69

Speakers of the seminar

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