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DIMINUITA made their first appearance under this name in November 2007, in Athens Greece.

They have been playing and teaching music since 1990. For the last  years though, they are solely working on European Jazz (Jazz Manouche). That is the European version of string swing ( also called “chamber jazz), as it was originally played in the 1930’s by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli of The Quintet Hot Club de France.

DIMINUITA have already performed at a lot live clubs in Athens and all over Greece.

(The following are mentioned just for the record: Half Note Jazz Club, Kyttaro, Parafono Jazz Club, Tchae stin Sahara, Baraki tou Vasili, Bacaro Jazz Club, Dizzy Miles and others.)

They also took part in many festivals. (Sampajana Jazz Festival Chania 2012, Mani-Sonnenlink International Music Festival July 2012 & 2011, European music day at Volos in June 2011, International Guitar Festival Hermoupolis Syros 2010, European Music Day at Preveza, Parga, Larisa, Technopolis-Athens 2009, Volos 2008, etc)

In December 2008 the band held two unique and particularly successful performances entitled “ Django Hiotis- Manolis Rheinhardt” in an effort to connect and chain greek music of approximately the same period, with the European jazzmen of that era.

Since March  2010 that  Diminuita made their maiden appearance abroad,they continue performing in many jazz clubs and festivals around Europe.

(Djangofolllies Festival _4 concerts in different cities, 2014, Belgium

4th International Gypsy Jazz Meeting 2012, Wroclaw,Poland

10th International Gypsy Jazz Festival 2012, Liberchies, Belgium

and also

Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam, De Badcuyp in Amsterdam ,Music Village, Archiduc, Art Base, Bonnefoi and Magic Mirrors, Café Bizon in Brussels,Rosario in Bever, Hot Club Reserva in Gent, Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club in Liege, Quecum Bar London, Beaufort Jazz at Ormskirk,UK and others.)

On May 1st, triggered by the group’s initiative, the 1st Gypsy Jazz Fest that took place in Gagarin 205 was a major success ( a sold-out concert actually). The occasion was to celebrate the 100 years’ anniversary after Django Reinhardt’s birth.

In 2011, Diminuita took part at the 2nd Djangofest, which took place on 20-21st of May, in Athens, with the participation of Lollo Meier’s & Tcha Limberg Quartet.

Diminuita also took part at Thessaloniki’s & Athens’ Gypsy Jazz Festival on May & September 2012.

Diminuita are a part of the orchestral swing scene, alluding to the pioneers of the Hot Club, playing their own versions of Reinhatdt’s and Grappelli’s

tunes, as well as of other composers’ of that era. They also experiment creating new original compositions.

The emphasis is given in the natural, acoustic sound of the instruments without additional audio effects or interventions. However, the musicians’ freedom to improvise – a typical quality distinct and yet so absolute in all jazz forms – is of primary importance.

Diminuita aim to a creative communication in which clear musical expression will be the sole mediator, without the interference of speech or other artificial sound media.

Clear, natural sound from acoustic instruments and freedom of musical expression in a swing atmosphere, references to bebop style, imaginative melodies and rhythmic maneuvers.

In November 2009, Diminuita cooperated with the band FOS (Further off Sight), and create the album “Europe your Rope” that realesed by Donna Luna Productions.

In this album, G.Papadogiannis composed 4 of its tracks, and he was responsible for arrangements and orchestrations of the whole work.

On May 2011 band’s first official cd “a-rhythmology”was released.

It includes 8 original compositions of Giorgos Papadogiannis and 2 arrangements on J.S.Bach’s and M.Ravel’s themes.

The production belongs to Giorgos Papadogiannis.

The band has been occasionally co-working with the Romanian born violinist Damian Dudu from the November 2008 until 2010.

In August 2009  Kostas Arsenis replaced Andrew Mihalos at the bass fiddle and after 2013 at this place stays Kostas Patsiotis.

The members