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24 Jan 2015

Open Class “sound and way of gypsy jazz guitar”

Open Class “sound and way of gypsy jazz guitar”

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17 Jan 2015

Open Class “sound and way of gypsy jazz guitar”

10 Jan 2015

Open Class “sound and way of gypsy jazz guitar”

22 Jul 2014

Gypsy Jazz guitar seminar at Alagonia Village, Lakonia 21-23/7/2014

11 Dec 2011

Rempetiko music

Since 1993 Giorgos Papadogiannis and Effie Saranti started performing professionally as musician of the rempetiko era, playing mpouzouki , guitar and singing.

Seperate at the begining, they performed in many places in Athens and elsewhere and collaborated with many musicians of the style.

When they met each other in 1996, they decided to creat their first duet , and they continued to perform together, but they also started to present special and unique acts.

Among them, we find “Rempetika of the flip side of  vinyl record”, which focused mostly on songs less known, of well-known composers of the idiom, from 1945 to 55.

From 2007 and then, after they have created their new gypsy jazz trio DIMINUITA, they presented also a new act, with guitars in Greece and abroad, titlled “rempetiko with guitars” or “guitars and voices “.

In this performance, most songs selected  of the 1910-1948 period, that exceptionally fit guitar’s sound effect . Most of them have been originally recorded with  guitars as the leading solo instruments. All of them belong to the rebetiko music era and have been composed mainly by eminent guitarists of that period.

Songs composed by M.Hiotis, K.Karipis, S.Hrisinis, K.Skarvelis and others.

In 2008 they also presented 2 unique performances by the title of “Django Hiotis-Manolis Reinhardt”, trying to introduce their opinion and common elements of different style composers, who worked in the same era (1946-1952)

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Their new performance, for 2011-12,  it is about mpouzouki and its sound through the years from the first recordings in 1930, until the virtuosi players and composers of the 50s.

” The sound of the mpouzouki in the course of time”, will be hosted at;

* De Centraale , Gent Belgium 15/12/2011

*Art Base , Brussels , Belgium 16 & 17/12/2011


* CC Muziek Cafe , Amsterdam , Netherlands 18/12/2011

(To read press release about this performance, please click here)

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